Little blue girl

They see her as an white rose

But they don´t know that inside she s poison ivy.

They feel her like a breath of wind through a silk three

But they don´t know that inside her, a tornado grows…

They see her as an angel in human disguise

But they don´t know she s the lost daughter of the devil…

Am I the only one who sees a little blue girl

Trapped in a woman´s body, dressed in naked smiles,

Punished because she´s an wicked game of faith,

Because she´s a broken piece of time,

Because she´s the thin line

Between death and breath.

There´s a darkness inside her, dark as night,

But she struggles so hard to keep it inside,

Cause she´s just a little blue girl…with no place to hide

And she´s making room for more light.


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